Once Upon a Time


So Im not sure if you would be a nerd if you watched Once Upon a Time, but I have to talk about it to someone. This series is amazing. Now mind you the acting isnt the best in the world but the idea behind the series is great.


Now before you say anything. Yes the first season is slow but its laying the foundation for the rest of the series. OF COURSE ITS SLOW! Now some of the stories are still interesting and its amazing how they relate everything together.


Also I agree, the Frozen season sucked. I completely agree, however its the personal relationships that make it worth watching because so many personal relationships were formed that season. Especially for the Evil Queen fans out there.


I know. I know. Peter Pan was infact the best season. Again. I agree.


Now on to the current season. OMG! Hook and Emma are going to get married. Finally. This is literally one of the main reasons that I am so emotionally invested in this show and the best part is that its going to be a musical episode! AH!!! I know, I sense your excitement:)


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