So There is this Book….

Books. Books. And more Books. With so many books out there I know its hard to choose  a book to read. Well I have a few favorites that I will list to you but there is one in particular I just read that you might want to hear about.

So my top books are:

  • Inkheart Series
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Eragon Series
  • Blue is for Nightmares series
  • Immortals Series
  • War and Peace
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Red Rising

Noe the book I want to recommend to you to check out is called The Three Crowns by Kendare Blake. It is a very intense book that is aimed towards teens/young adults. I admit that the writing is a little “young” but the story line is quite creative. Its about three sisters that each have a special ability. They are brought up to hate each other because one day they will be pitted against each other for the throne. I wont give you all the details because you need to read!! Though be warned that there is only the one book out right now so you will have to wait a minute for the second one.


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