Marvel vs. DC

So lets talk superheroes! If you had to pick between Marvel or DC who would you pick? I know. I know. I am asking a lot out of you right now. I personally keep up with both but if forced to choose then Im Marvel all day. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-man, X-Men and more? All day. Every day. However I do keep up with DC superheroes and I am even looking forward to the Aquaman movie:) Why? Because Aquaman is awesome.

Now if we were getting down to the technicalities between the two well then right now I think DC is doing pretty awesome. The reason I think this is because I am mad about how X-Men and Marvels Avengers are not lining up. Which really irks me because I love X-Men and the Avengers. After finding out that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Magnetos kids, well now nothing lines up and its aggravating. Now I know its because different studios own the rights to the different series, but it still just makes me uncomfortable. I also know there are different universes but this is something that I really really would have loved to have seen.


Now with DC, I am so excited for the forming of the Justice league. I am also excited for Aquaman as previously mentioned! I am also excited about the Wonder Woman movie and for the reintroduction of Superman. My mom just watched Suicide Squad for the first time and so I had to explain a lot of stuff to here and now it just has me on a kick for superheroes.



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