Method to Madness: Search Engines


So apparently there is actually a method to the madness of searching the web. Who knew. I mean before this lesson I guess Ive never actually given much thought to how search engines work. I type things into Google (because I dong like Bing) and it usually gives me the results Im looking for.

So some of the things that this video, What is Search Engine Optimization/SEO, there are actually some ways to make your web page show up closer to the top of the first page.

The first thing is to becareful what words you are using. The example in the video was “shoe repair”. So if your website listed shoe repair on its site the search engine would grab yours out of relevance. But that alone is still not enough to make it to the top.

The title matters and I dont mean the one of your post. I mean the title thats hid in your html code. So the title in your code usually summarizes the whole page. If thats the case then your title needs to be relevant to the search in order to pop up.

Links matter. So if your page has a lot of helpful links that can offer followers a chance to get help from other sites or points followers into the direction of other sites. Apparently the more helpful you are the better it works out for you.

Words in links also help. So if you say “Amazon has a lot of good books”, then if “books” is hyperlinked then it would make it where Amazon would pop up when “books” was searched.

Your reputation matters. If you gain new followers regularly and constantly update/post new material then the search engine is more likely to grab your site in the post.

So heres so basic search engine stuff.

Now how will I use it to help optimize my site?


  1. I will pay closer attention to phrases on my pages. Hopefully to be more specific.
  2.  I will try to post links that lead to other sites relating to each page.
  3.  Hopefully I will be on top of my posting updated material and will hopefully gain new followers as I go so my reputation grows.



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