Band Nerd

So when I was in grade school, I always got called a nerd. I was just a specific type of nerd then. A “Band Nerd”. I know what your thinking….thats not even a nerd, but apparently to non band members. Your a nerd. I use to hate the term, now…I embrace it. Why you ask? Well lets talk through it.

First, some of my best friends were met during band class. In fact my best friend of ten years was in band with me.

Second, I had some of the best experiences in band. Not only did I get into every football game for free, I was actually apart of the football experience for other people. I also was able to play at the University of Alabama, in their auditorium. I was able to play at the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. and because of the trip I was able to visit other sites in D.C.. I was able to march with university bands. I was able to do so much in my high school career and why? Because I was able to play an instrument.

Third, I received a scholarship to a university. University of South Alabama, to be exact. Though University band is a little more time consuming than high school, I still wouldnt have had he experiences I’ve had at college if it wasn’t for band.

Fourth, Im able to read and play music. Honestly, not a ton of people can say that. That alone is reason enough that band was one of the best decisions I made in life. I have skill that I can take with me for forever.


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