Safety and Security


So with the age we live in, being private almost seems impossible. Thats not surprising seeing as some people feel the need to mention when they are taking a sip of coke to the entire world. And I know what your thinking…thats not me? But if your being honest with yourself it might be. After all Im sure you update your Facebook atleast once a day or “check-in” places. You want people to know what your doing, when your doing it and where you are doing it. Which is fine, because pretty much everyone does it.

However most of us probably doesnt realize the type of effect this might have on ou professional lives. Remember that one drunk night that your not so drunk friend didnt mind posting on Facebook and various other social media sites? Yea well its still probably there even if you did manage to convince them to take it down. I dont think most realize that your social media accounts arent technically private just because you set the setting to be. People can still share your posts and friends can still tag you in photos that other people see. Plus, again, being honest, most millennials dont even care if it is set to private.Well if you are not going to care who sees it, take greater precautions to what you post. If you want to know more about your “digital footprint” then you should check on this post on PCAdvisor.

Another thing that we millennials arent so great at is being “hack-proof”. I know, your shocked, because we are the age of technology everything. So? If your like me, then you go to college, have a full time job, have all the social medias and have a kid. I dont have time(or the ability) to remember a thousand passwords. So I tend to stick with three that are can be easily remembered.  So if your like me then you should refer to’s post about three easy steps to become hack-proof.

Now you would think that with all of this hacking and digital footprinting that you can just easily leave the internet world behind. Yea……no you cant. Unfortunatly some stuff still sticks around even when you ask it to leave. So what do you do to not stick around? Really? Not much…though I did just read about an which helps you get rid of unwanted mentions of you, but when it comes to your name being associated with blogs or newspapers. You have to go to the source and ask them to remove you. Well that doesnt seem fair? Right?


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