MOOC and CodeAcademy


I like videos well enough. It allows me to see the order in which to do something, the buttons I need to press, the page I need to be on and more. However, I think when it comes to website design Ive found that like to see text. I like to see how the code is laid out and how its suppose to look when you type it in. Because I am like this, I think of all the many programs out there, I like Code Academy best.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.44.38 PM

Code Academy had an easy setup for registering and it didn’t cost me a thing.  Once signed up it was easy to navigate to the first lesson. The site is set up with three panes. The lessons that explain what the section is about and instructions in one pane, in the next pane there is a place for you to input code and in the third pane shows the results of your code. After you input your code and place rud, then it automatically updates the finished version in the third pane. I have to say, as far as learning web design this would be the site I would use.


So the question we were asked was whether or not this class would be better as an MOOC, which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Now what I understand this to mean, is that they are basically online courses that are free, that might end with a certification in the online course. If that is the case then yes, I believe this class would be better as an MOOC.

"MOOC" Overlapping Letters Vector Icon

While I believe Im learning a lot from this class and my instructor is a very knowledgeable, I think this class would do better as an MOOC. However, if we are going to have to take it then I think it should be strictly online. Its easy to follow directions from our book and of course other resources that could be given to us through SAKAI. I think that while being in the classroom with our instructor is helpful, I think I would get more out of it as an online course.


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