Content Management System


If you are like me then when you see “CMS” it means nothing to you. I, after very extensive research(and by ‘extensive’ I mean I googled it) then it means Content Management System. However, again, if you are like me, then that still means nothing to you. So I returned to my research (a.k.a Google). According to Joomla!  CMS is just simply a easy to use management system that keeps track of anything and everything that has to do with your website. Again? Means nothing. I think by now you can see the trend with this weeks module and myself. This tells me that anything that has to do with computing isnt in my future. Want to know what though? Im wrong, because Ive been using CMS the entire time of this course. WordPress itself is a CMS. Now of course,my class is using it for blogging, but because of the add-ins and widgets it is, in fact, a content management system. I know. Mind blown.


Any way so the true definition of CMS is s a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. Now some of the more famous ones are Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal. I wont lie, when you type in to Google “Content Management System”, Joomla! pops up before the other two do but its followed closely by WordPress. Drupal didnt even make the first page. To most this means nothing, to me, the easier to find, the one Im most likely to use.


Now I personally suggest WordPress. It has been incredibly easy to use and because this is my blog, your here for my opinion right? However, because Joomla! popped up first, honestly, I think I would have, if I wasn’t already using WordPress, would have chose it. Honestly all three are user friendly to the technologically inept, which is always a plus for me. Joomla!s site is the easiest to read and locate things in my opinion. WordPress is one of those once you figure it out you’ve got it kind of things. Plus, Joomla!s is bright and has pictures just in its explanation of its management system.


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