Whats your Role-play Fantasy?

I know what your thinking, but stop. I thought the same thing. Elf? Siren? Vampire?? Oh wait! You thought I meant a different type of Role-playing? Well I told you, this site is for nerds. The type of Role-playing that Im describing has to do with writing. Role-playing is where you create a character(similar to Dungeons and Dragons just no dice and no stats), join a site, then write as your character to help progress a story.

With role-playing there is no Dungeon Master but a story-teller instead. A storyteller will set the stage of the forum. For instance, the storyteller will describe the area, the town, the people, what time of day it is, what the weather is, and anything else they feel neccesary to mention to help you write your response. The storyteller will aslo say what their character is doing, thinking, or speaking, just as if it was a book. You then would respond with how your character would react to the setting described and whatever event happened with the other persons character. From there both of you, or alot of you will progress the story writing from your different points of view.

The reason role-playing is fun in comparison to just writing your own story is because you cant control what other people will do. Just like in real life you have to react to the other persons action. This is interesting because you dont really know the other persons character, instead, you only know your character and how your character would react. So something your character would think is mild and hardly worth mentioning could be something big to another character.

There is also a role-play circle for all types of role-players. If you want to be a vampire, well there is  role-play forum for it. Want to be a Greek god? Well theres one for that to. Want to be a character in the world of Zelda? Theres one for that to. Or maybe you want to play a character from a different time period? There is one for that too.

Now this isn’t to say that role-playing is all fun and no rules. There are rules against god-modding, which is basically making your character all powerful and unable to be killed. Some sites have rules against sexual encounters and some violent acts that would take control from another player. That is also a rule, you can never say what another character would do, because that would be taking power from the person playing that character. The rules are there to create a fun and safe environment, not to restrict play.

If you are into creative writing and want a challenge. Role-play might just be your type of nerd outlet and its easy to find. People role-play by building their own sites, using a forum page, Facebook, poetry sites, or even chat sites. Pretty much, if it has the ability to hold text then it has the ability to become a role-players haven.


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