Web Accessibility

The World Wide Web is considered a basic human right according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. If that is the case then when making your own website you need to make sure that it is accessible to to people from all walks of life. Disabilities limit a person enough  that the web shouldn’t be another obstacle for them to overcome.

Some ways for you to make sure that your website is accessible to people with disablities is to limit the number of text images. People that have a hard time seeing will sometimes magnify sites to better read words and tabs. When you have text that is an image, zooming will make it appear more pixalated the closer you zoom in. This would be hard for people to make it out. You should make sure that you provide alternative text and maybe even a transcript of the video or image for the hard of hearing. Make sure that in coding, important tabs and even deals have a heading in the code so that they can be read out loud to those that are using a screen reader.

The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) has developed some guidelines and techniques that would help web developers and software builders to train on how to make the web more accessible. They have even came up with a way for you to evaluate your website on whether or not it is accessible to people with disabilities. The World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) has also created guidelines when it comes to flashing images to help people reach people that have epilepsy.  There are a number of resources provided to you to help reach the disabled community, so why wouldn’t you work to make sure your able to provide services to everyone?




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