What will you be?

So within the Dungeons and Dragons world you can pretty much be anything you want. The most common races are human, elf, orc, half-ling, gnome, and dwarf. I would say in my experience most people want to play a variation of elf. Elves usually have night vision and do not have to sleep, only meditate. However each race comes with different perks. You could even be a half-orc or half elf if you wanted. Theres also uncommon races suck as tiefling, siren, mermaid, psion, or fairy. If you can think of it, there is probably stats for it in D&D.  Now you should always check with your Dungeon Master before you pick a race, because sometimes the DM wont allow certain races due to level adjustments.


After picking your race, you get to pick your class. Your class is what your character is. The most common classes are barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, mage, monk, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, rogue, thief and warlock. I personally love playing anything that is a magic user, because I like the ability to have spells. Again each class comes with  its own perks. So while a ranger isn’t a magic user, it is better at sneaking around and pick pocketing. You might also want to talk to your DM about what kind of world you are in because that might help you determine your class. If your world doesnt like magic users then it might deter you from playing one if you want your character to be easily accepted. If you dont care then just find the one you like most and pick it!


After you decide who and what your character is. Now you can start your character creation. You will decide what they will look like. Hair color, weight, height, skin tone, color of their eyes are just a few of the features you will be asked to decide about your character. The more you describe about your character, the easier it will be for other characters to know them or interact with them. You will also be asked to create a backstory for your character. In their backstory you will describe who they are, why they are the way they are, where they are from, and what they are trying to accomplish or want out of life. You can even choose a deity if you would like, though consult your DM on this because of the world setting. The world you play in might have its own set of gods. Then of course dont forget to name your character.

After figuring out who your character is you will meet with your DM to roll your stats or your DM might use a point style system. Luckily, for that part you will have the help of a DM. Now once you have your stats rolled you will decide on things like feats and what kind of weapon(if one at all) you will use. The DM might also give you a starting pack at this point or gold or nothing at all. During character creation, a lot will come from your DM.  You will decide what your skills will be and how proficient you will be in them. Each character needs points in different areas but the main categories are intelligence, charisma, strength, constitution, dexterity and wisdom. So for instance a cleric would need their highest stat to be wisdom and then constitution. So it will differ depending on what you are. The character sheet will also be different depending on what edition you play.



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