Building that Website!


So we are now starting the process of setting up our websites. What will I do my website about you ask? Well stay tuned to find out. We have now decided to use Weebly to create said website. Weebly is a website builder that is suppose to allow you to build a professional website without having any prior knowledge of how to build a website. It allows you to do anything from sell things online to creating a personal website showcasing  your work to create an online portfolio. It has hundreds of preset themes to choose from to aid you in creating your own website. It even allows you to build a page for mobile devices as well. Weebly even helps you track your visitors and performance.


When going to the Weebly page you will have the option in the upper right hand corner of whether to log in or sign up. Since I did not have an account I chose sign up. After clicking on the signup, a pop up will appear. It will ask for your full name, email address and then to create a password. After filling in the information, you will click the sign up button. It will then create your profile and bring you to a page that has tabs running across the tab. According to what you want your website to be about you would choose. Then after choosing your theme it will take you to where you will work on your website. I know, its quite an exciting process, but hold on to your pants because the fun has just began.              weebly-19

I chose a personal theme called Sarah Smith. I think that it is clean but exciting, which is what I would want something that was going to represent me to be. I might change my theme the more I work on it because it might not fully represent what Im trying to come across as, but on first glance, that is the one I liked best for my website.




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