Dungeons and Dragons

I know what your thinking, “seriously?”. Before you automatically roll your eyes and leave let me tell you about this exciting world, because trust me it is another world you are stepping into. I know what people think about when it comes to D&D, they think of twelve year old little boys that dress up and sit around a table “casting” spells and fighting with fake swords. That is defiantly not the case.

I was invited to my first D&D group when I was 22 and working at McDonalds. My boss, also a good friend, approached me asking if I would like to come play. I, being very skeptical of it, said yes, but was planning on no. Well the day came and she blew my phone up. So my boyfriend and I decided to go. That day we set up our characters(which actually invlolves more thinking than I originally gave it credit for) and they decided to do a scenario to introduce us to the game. Since then, I have been an addict.

D&D is probably the beginning to all peoples true nerd life. The first thing you have to do is decide what edition you want to play. I personally like 3.5e but its slightly complicated, so 5th edition is the best for people who are new to it. It simplifies a lot of the skills among other things. So then after deciding what edition you want to play, you can either join a group of people or play on Roll20. I do both. I have a group of friends that we actually meet and sit down to play, but i also have an online campaign.

So before you go any further you should look into which edition would suit you best. After that comes finding a group, then character creation, and then you get to start. D&D is like playing a video game without the console. Trust me, its a new and wonderful experience that is just so much fun.




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