This is Me


My name is Ashton Allen. I am a 23 year old single mother that attends college. Currently, I am working on my bachelors for Strategic Communication with a focus in Advertising, at the University of South Alabama. Graphic Design was my original major idea. However after working for the Department of Communication, I learned that I was way more interested in how to tell people what they want and how to make that happen.Which is exactly what I want to do. The more I have gotten into my area, I more specifically want to brand companies. Now back to actually getting to know me, I have a beautiful little boy. He is the light of my world and the thing that keeps me focused on my goal. I enjoy writing, playing video games, reading, and pinteresting (that’s a hobby right?).

Why am I keeping this blog? I think the point of a blog varies for each blogger. Some blogs are there to inform you on a specific subject, some are there to give you that individuals opinion, others are there to walk you through a process. Blogs are a way for an individual to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideals, or facts.

I imagine going into the field of Advertising, blogging probably seems useless. I, however, think it might be useful. If I had a particular item I was trying to sell, it might be a good idea to pay someone to blog about how useful the item was, or maybe the process for how to use. Blogging would be a way to put a product on the customers level and make it seem like something an average person would use. Blogs would also be a good place to put advertisements targeting the audience that is most likely reading that blog.

Thanks to this helpful video,How to Create a Good Blog – The Simple Way,  I had a helpful idea of how to start my blog.


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